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SEALSkinz E-Z Cloth


Convenient 6" x6" cleaning cloths pre-saturated with SEAL 1™ CLP PLUS® paste for larger jobs.

  • 4 per Bag

SEAL 1™ SEAL Skinz™ E-Z Cloth™ Instructions:

  1. Use SEAL Skinz™ EZ Cloth™ to wipe down and protect all surfaces.
  2. Wipe with cloth to remove any excess.

Storage and Protection:

  1. For first time use and for the best protection from rust and corrosion it is best to use SEAL 1™ CLP PLUS® Liquid or Paste for cleaning and treatment.
  2. For fastest results it is best to treat your gun while it is warm.
  3. Apply SEAL 1™ CLP PLUS® to all surfaces and let soak in.
  4. Wipe with clean cloth to remove any excess.
  5. After two or three applications you should only need to wipe down with a SEALSkinz™ EZ Cloth™ or repeat this process occasionally.

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