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SEAL 1 CLP PLUS - Liquid 8oz.


SEAL 1™ CLP Plus® Liquid Instructions

Bore Cleaning:

  2. Apply liberally to bore brush run brush up and down bore numerous times.
  3. Apply liberally to cotton bore patch or use pre-saturated SEALSkinz™.
  4. Using a tight fitting jag patch combination run patch up and down bore two or three times.
  5. Repeat until patch comes clean.
  6. Run dry patch up and down bore to remove any excess.


 All Other Cleaning:

  1. Apply liberally and scrub until clean.
  2. Wipe clean with cloth or bore cleaning patch.


Storage and Protection:

  1. For fastest result it is best to treat your gun while it is warm.
  2. Apply SEAL 1 CLP PLUS® to all surfaces and let soak in.
  3. Wipe with clean cloth to remove any excess
  4. After two or three applications you should only need to wipe down with a SEALSkinz™ Cloth or repeat this process occasionally.

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